Delirium – A Vague World of Existence

Minimal flower wallpapers that says Delirium - A Vague World of Existence by Kaaya Faye

Definitions Certainty And Facts Spending days deriving meaning Out of absolute nonsense Living life as an inquisition Every other opinion – an offense. Lies Fiddling And Masks Traveling roads, passing lanesEarning, learning and growing Are you really yourself? Are you what you are showing? Love Trust And Faith Living in […]

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Navaras Series, Chapter 1 – Sringar

Navras -I Sringar

It was 6 o’clock in the morning when a servant came knocking at Raja sa’s door. “What is it, Madri?” “A woman has come to see you, sire.”, bowed Madri. Pulling on his choga, Raja sa announced that he was coming, “Ask the woman to wait in the Darbar. I […]

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Passing Fancy

Passing Fancy feature image

Defined by my bold attitude and blunt language, one could easily get to know me if they listen intently. Simple days and a regular but kind of fun routine was what I was used to. Looking for excitement and joy in the littlest of all things, I have been spending […]

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Flower wallpapers with a poem about life love and everything written on it.

The love that was And the love that is The days that have passed The chances that went amiss Hours running fast Minutes that stand still The ever blowing breeze And these constant hills Left right, left right, left right Walking through the familiar lanes Tick tock, tick tock, tick […]

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बारिश की बूंदे (Raindrops)

A girl sipping on coffee behind a dewed window.

बारिश की बूंदें जैसे चाहत एक नई आंसुओं से आँखें भरी भरी खिड़की पर मैं खड़ी राह को ताक रही बारिश सी ये आस बड़ी ठंडक भी दे और बाढ़ भी बादल की गरज जैसे प्यार में नाराज़गी इंतज़ार हो पर इंतज़ार का मज़ा नहीं बिस्तर पर पड़ी चादर की […]

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A photograph of woman with light reflecting her face

I have been up all night Listening to squabbles of those mistreated Misheard and misunderstood. I scrolled down the feeds Reading of battles won By the independent and the strong. People shouting, screaming, wailing, complaining About people that were them. Why frown at a mirror, I thought And then why […]

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