static poem about noise by Kaaya Faye

Shrill and loudSounds every man’s words,Every woman’s laughter, And, every child’s play. Such galling soundMusic to some ears,Symphony to others’.For me, a trying a mayhem. Wishing to be a homehoundSlumping in silence,All by myself.But, nay! As I reach the house,I listen to a hundred,A thousand, a million sounds Gushing into […]

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Nasty Woman

Nasty Woman poem by kaaya Faye

Every morning when she wakes up Rubbing her eyes, she saunters in the house Half dreaming, half thinking, she walks Snapping fingers at her yawning mouth. Awake and ready for work, Aiming to be rich, She walks down the street Driven by wealth as beggars are by itch. Women stare […]

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