All Heroes Are Fools Tue, 5 Feb 2019 11:21 am

A woman's close-up face shot

Fighting the world for a dream

Defending an idea with nothing

Using hope for a tuille,

All heroes are fools.


Raging red eyes and soft fists

Heart full of love, persists.

Using audacity as a tool,

All heroes are fools.


Veins gushing with more aggression than blood

Indifferent to dud after dud after dud.

Using failure as fuel,

All heroes are fools.


Battling their own small selves

Snubbing conformity and being quelled

Treating fear like ghouls,

All heroes are fools.


Rising over the ordinary and well

Hauling sky and raising hell.

Striving for a dream, an idea, a muse

All heroes are fools.


Among flock and ferocious

Between cowardly and valiant

Who’s to say who’s who,

Hero and fool?

What do you think?

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