For people who dream of stranger world

Darkness bids me goodbye
And Sorrow waves his farewell.
Heaven embraces me with Joy
Farther and farther is Hell.

With Joy and Love I cherish
With Peace I glee
But, alas all art and rhymes have left
Along with Grief, Muse is set free.

Perhaps, it was love
Purer and truer than mine
Muse felt for Pain
That induced art and rhymes.

Betrayal, might it feel
However, it’s done.
Perhaps, I wait for Joy to seduce
My muse, or out of poesy I run.

Without which, I confess, I’m none
Neither happy nor sad I shall live.
An ordinary life of loss and gain
Alas, return, sweet Pain.

Oh, what misery!
That my heart does not satisfy.
Neither with Heaven nor with Hell
Does Content ever comply.

Joy stares at me with wide eyes
Sorrow looks at me not
While, my Muse teases me with broken words
Leaving me distraught.

Oh what shall I do now?
I think and worry.
With rapid pace I take big steps
Not knowing where to hurry.

A foot in Heaven and a foot in Hell
My heart with Sorrow and mind with Joy.
I lay silently and begin to write
By Muse enticed when she did decoy.

I know not who followed who
Among Pain and the Muse.
Together they arrived and together did they depart
Leaving unknown misery stirred in my heart.

And now I am both rejoiced and remorseful
I’m, thus, a bard.
A trader in words and verse
Befitted by Muse, that to me, marred.

Perchance, Remorse is an acquaintance
Too beloved to accept his presence retire
So are Pain, Hate, and Rage.
My Muse’s best hire.

Hence, are they my best friends
And my worst foes.
To keep them preserved in me
As my life go


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