Killed My Darling

Flowers wallpapers with the title of poem Killed My Darling by Kaaya Faye

My Little darling,
Why such remorse?
Your eyes veiled in sorrow,
And lips sealing a sob.

Why my dear,
There’s nothing to cry.
Do not fear
That you’re about to die.

Come my lovely,
Do not be bitter.
Make yourself up
Do not jitter.

I promise to remember you
And miss you till I last.
But, do not haunt me dear
Like some dreading past.

Do die happy darling
Do not feel remorse.
Do not be unwilling
Do not remain a ghost.

Sleep my love
And sleep well.
Do not on these foes
Do not you dwell.

Do not fight them dear
Do not refuse.
Bid me goodbye
My dearest Muse.

For I am too small
To fight my fear.
I am too weak
To endure and to bear.

Words are heavy
And my Pen is dried.
Rhymes have left my home
And world takes sides.

Go away my dear
For I fail to feed you.
Leave my dearest Muse,
Adieu, adieu!



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