Lyssa Goddess of the Underworld

Lyssa - Poem about anger by Kaaya Faye

Amid the frenzy of screams, tears, and angry faces

In a room full of high pitches, blames, and rage.

I shut my eyes closed, tight to make it all go

And there she was – Lyssa.

I made her when I was a kid,

She loved me and hated everyone who made me cry.

She had my legs, my feet, my arms

Her face was like mine

Only eyes were completely black

Teeth were sharp like a wolf

Her nails were sharply edged blades

And hair were long and thick like a weapon of its own.

She smiled crookedly

I loved her despite that evil, wicked look.

She appeared from a blurred background

And when she looked at me

My blotted face and quivering lips

Her eyes turned red in madness

Blood dripped from her teeth

And all she wanted was to be an avenger.

I ran fearfully and hid behind her

Her wrists unclenched to reveal those sharp-edged pointed nails.

No one could see her but me.

Only I was visible to them!

And suddenly she raised her hand

Swayed it at one of those hurtful men

I saw everyone’s eyes widening

As he stood stunned with a cheek flushed

Marked with long fingers like me

All of the other backed away

As Lyssa swayed her arm again

Her mouth opened wide

Revealed blood – black as molten coal.

She screamed so loud in rage

Everyone held their palms against their ears

Fear was evident

I felt avenged

Lyssa looked at me with sympathy

And left

Leaving behind faces of fear

And my stinging hand.

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