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Fri, 3 Feb 2019 12:08

Lovers don’t know how to look

Whilst they are crossing paths.

Are you what you are showing

Or are masks coming in your way?

That is why I never wear faces

Because I don’t want to be someone else

Now that I know someone is looking for me

I want to be recognized for who I am.

There are many types of people

Crossing paths with me

And I don’t want to be around them

Who fall for pretty masks and fake smiles

People are so easily influenced

I am not sure if this is true

Because they don’t know what they want

Even if you tell them.

I love this one boy

I saw him in the streets

He was a mirror

All I could do was look,

And he looked back at me.


Honed version of an old poem, Suggestions; and inspired by Masks by Shel Silverstein.


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