Born with my bones and flesh
Driven with nerves and veins
I rejoiced, laughed, and cried
I won, failed but tried.
Now, in calculations I live
Estimating possibilities, probabilities and risks
Another piece of gadget in a machine
A utility in technological regime

I lived for adventure, life was fun
The day I grew up, life was done
A wick in candle, life is a taper
A that we are, questing for paper

Now that I live in a factory
I wish I ran on battery
Because my veins still work
My bones still wear flesh
My brain might just be a lurk
My strengths and energy needs afresh

“stop dreaming and focus on your task”
Gadget talking to another gadget
While I am picking on pieces of
My broken life mask

Days go by and nights pass
Numbers to numbers, task to task
Lives go on in this mechanical land
Machine to machine, hand in hand.


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