Mors Tua Vita Mea

Mors Tua Vita Mea poem by Kaaya Faye

I know he’s here Hiding in the cellars of my rib cage In the spaces between my vertebrae Glued to my muscles And every ounce of my blood. Doubt. “Mors Tua Vita Mea” He hisses, slithering through my flesh “Mors Tua Vita Mea” He repeats, seated in a dark corner […]

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Lay Back and Chill

Lay Back and Chill poem by kaaya faye

In a world That shouts and screams “Hustle! Hustle! Hustle! Do not be ashamed Of giving yourself time Lay back and chill.   Staying in a family That expects and dreams Shelter! Food! Financial muscle! Take time and start late Without it feeling like a war crime Lay back and […]

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Ground - A Note of No-Thanks, poem by Kaaya Faye

/ɡraʊnd/ verb: 1. prohibit or prevent from flying. They ask me to “keep my feet on the ground” Be shy about being appreciated Lest I’ll be too confident I’ll be too proud. So what? I ask and see their faces Blinking blankly at me. What is wrong about liking who […]

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Abyss The Last Gorge

Abyss - The Last Gorge, Realm of Lord of Dead by kaaya faye

Eyes closed, I was asleep. And in my sleep i heard the door fly open. Bang! My eyes flashed wide awake “Who is it?” I stuttered in fear Half audible, half silent I was shivering With anticipation of darkness and death. “Let’s go, kid. I have come to take you.” […]

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Wrapped Up in Myself

Wrapped up in myself poem by kaaya faye

I’d rather trace my fingers Through the map You drew on me last time Than wait for you To miss them again. I’d rather mark My own territories Than wait for you To want to touch And redraw on me. I’d kiss my own fingers And call my own name […]

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Karuna Navras Series

Karuna - Navras Series in Blotted Papers by Kaaya Faye

“Teen din hue aaye Durga apni Kaki ke saath na baithi tu.” the old woman was braiding her hair. “ke hua chhori? Kal tak toh chupp na baith sake thi, aaj itni gumsum kaise? Durga smiled and turned to look at her Kaki. Her dewy eyes filled the old woman’s […]

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