A photograph of woman with light reflecting her face

I have been up all night Listening to squabbles of those mistreated Misheard and misunderstood. I scrolled down the feeds Reading of battles won By the independent and the strong. People shouting, screaming, wailing, complaining About people that were them. Why frown at a mirror, I thought And then why […]

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I Love a Woman

Two girls making love to one another

I know a woman She lives across the street. She has slender waist and bony hip Long legs but little feet. Her lips are soft like cotton Her skin, docile, And warm like dried clothes She has the gentlest smile. Her curves are the curves of a hurricane But she […]

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Why read fiction? Here is your answer.

Fiction pieces stacked one on another with a caption that says 'Why read fiction? Here is your answer.'

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein From obvious to not so obvious, from leisure to becoming smarter, here are your […]

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Maybe I Am You

Digital art depecting unity in diversity

When you sit down With a heavy heart, That remembers nothing But how you both fell apart, You find yourself alone, In a distant corner of your home. Maybe, after all you are not the only one To feel alone and feel shunned. And it’s true Maybe I am you. […]

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Group portrait photography from Pinterest

When I first Looked at myself in the mirror And averted my eyes Ignored to see my own beautiful self I committed blasphemy.   When I sought For others’ ideas and opinions About myself And ridiculed my own judgment of me I committed blasphemy.   When I bowed In the […]

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Vadon – Saga of Wilderness

A creepy forest with a river flowing in it covered with trees on both sides

Far, far away Deep in the woods Filled with thick trees and tall grass Lived a man named ‘Saga’ Short and stout Noisy and loud He lived alone Screaming at the air, talking to the rain Saga lived in a cave Posing to be brave But, afraid of the loneliness […]

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Amour Propre

I’d rather trace my fingers Through the map You drew on me last time Than wait for you To miss them again. I’d rather mark My own territories Than wait for you To want to touch And redraw on me. I’d kiss my own fingers And call my own name […]

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