Unwinding Waves of Crimson Mist – Chapter 5

A background of pink roses with the name of the story on it.

Still numb and unable to understand what was happening, Savitri could think of nothing. Before she could realise, her elbow had already dug in his stomach. Such and unexpected move had left Raja sa aghast. Without even looking at what had come out of her rebellious deed, she ran through the gates and barged into her room.

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A beautiful white flower blooming while the sun sets in the background

Marveling at the sight, I stood there, by the side Of the river that Never stopped to flow. Its water pristine, A little sweetness in brine Shone under the sun With a nitid glow. Breeze accompanied its pace, It gently touched my face Like a thousand kisses In a row. […]

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Unwinding Waves of Crimson Mist – Chapter 2

Savitri stands by the wall while a red stripe covers her face and an elephant imitates that stripe in similar colours.

The haveli was surreal for her. The ponds inside, their beautiful flower and candle decoration left her awestruck. Tall walls were carved in beautiful designs. There were statues of peacocks and numerous paintings. Even her kanchli was decorated with small frames of artwork. While walking through the place, she came across a marbled section, different from the rest of the mansion. There were no men, only women playing, talking, busy with their daily chorus. “Stop there. You are not supposed to go in.” said a woman who was dressed entirely in white.

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Sillage – Perfume of Memories

Sunny afternoons and sweaty palms, Playing in the rugged grounds with rubble. Traveling through the city lights In air-conditioned metros. Sitting in college cafeteria with friends, Discussing assignments and assessments. Staring at the computer screens With worked up eyes in office. Reveling at the passing time And at the speed […]

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