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Defined by my bold attitude and blunt language, one could easily get to know me if they listen intently. Simple days and a regular but kind of fun routine was what I was used to. Looking for excitement and joy in the littlest of all things, I have been spending my years. For someone who is not very ambitious, I wonder quite a lot about a more-than-comfortable life. Imagination is a tool I have overused. I listen to pop and imagine rash driving on highway. After watching romance, I imagine about falling into a handsome guy’s arms in the middle of street, between strangers who are now eyeing us. I watch action and think about karate-ing some bad guys. So on and so forth. Life was chill, until I saw that face.

That face, yes, is neither the most beautiful nor does it resemble the hotties of film industry. Yet, it is unforgettable. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not in love. But, I sure as hell, want to run my fingers along that sharp jaw just to see how that would feel. I want to kiss those lips to see whether I am right their softness. I want the embrace of those arms, just to see if it is warm in there. Now who knows, what these fantasies, or fallacies, mean. Lewd, rude, or unethical maybe. But, as long as they exist, there is no reason to deny them or better yet, cherish them.

The tickles in my stomach and shy smile on my face is worth it all. And as long as the sight of that unknown someone is soothing and sexy, I can hardly resist it.

Who knows how many faces those light-coloured eyes find amusing? How many smiles appeal them? Who knows how many lips those lips want to kiss? How many waists are a fantasy of those long, fine fingers? Who is the owner of that heart? And, what do I even care? After all, this is just a passing fancy.


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