The Butterfly Effect A Story that Won't Make Sense

The Butterfly Effect by Kaaya Faye

A black SUV approaching the hotel.  The President’s limousine following it. A bald man looking at the road. “Watch out!” he yells at the walkies-talkie. The SUV sways to the right and the rock-like thing falls on the ground. All the cars stopped in front of the hotel and the President is escorted inside towards the VIP hall.

“Dang it, Martha! Give me that damn feather now. I am running out of time here (and also strength),” I screamed, hanging 2 floors down the window of our hotel room and 23 floors above the ground. “Damn it Martha my arm is paining. Get me that fucking feather now.”

I screamed while she skittered like a rat.

Hanging on arm was hellish. It stung. And, I couldn’t even switch my arms, thanks to that slippery wet soap bar that I was holding. One arm clinging to the rough rope and another gripping a slippery soap – this had to be the weirdest murder planning in the history of assassinations. I wonder what Booth would think of me?

“Here, here. I have the feather. But, how do I give it to you? You are so…” Why are women so chatty!

“Throw it, lady.” Common fucking sense.

“Oh yes, yes.” She acquiesced. Must be thinking of me as a complete nutcase.


“Just throw it. Now.”

Well, I suppose I misinterpreted the speed of feather falling. Cause it fucking didn’t! It was just floating downwards, sluggishly. Faster. I wanted it to fall faster. The cars were about to arrive.

“Sir, look. The cars are coming.” Martha announced from above 2 floors as if I were blind. Exasperating!

I could see the black limo turning from the crossroads and approaching the hotel. Three SUV followed the limo.

He is coming!

I turned to look at the feather. It was just below my feet now. Hopefully it will touch the ground before the cars reach.

I am gonna be so damned if the feather doesn’t reach in time. I spent 6 hours searching the zoo for this. Martha, surprisingly, had been so helpful in finding that hybrid peacock with rainbow feathers. I look at her standing on the window. Curious as usual!

“But why do you have to jump? You can as easily throw the feather and soap from this window. Then why put your life in danger, sir?” she had asked sensibly.

“Well, you see Martha. If I throw the feather and soap from here then they will be late by complete 0.02 seconds. And that is not acceptable. This will ruin all my plans.”

“But sir, what is 0.02 seconds, absolutely nothing!” Martha had pinpointed. Sometimes all of this flattery gets me annoyed but most of the times I kinda like it. She is hot! I mean look at those two huge busts and perfectly curved butts.

“There is nothing minutiae in this business, Martha. Get me that rope.”

The floating feather was almost there and the cars too had almost arrived. Perfect timing!

“How do you think the cabinet will react to this agreement?” asked the President of Combia.

“You are about to ask for a ban on imports, sir. It is expected that the cabinet will not take it lightly. Especially when most of the cabinet ministers are directly involved in the trade.”, said the secretary as a matter of fact.

“Right.”, sighed the President. He knew it wasn’t easy to win the consent of the entire cabinet. 35% of his ministers were involved in the illegal trade of goods from many south-eastern states. The other 65% were either threatened by the rest or didn’t give a damn about them running their malicious scams. “Combian polity must change, Robert. It’s time.”

“The people have faith in you, Mr. President. They look up to you.” Robert said while looking at the road ahead. Both knew the potential danger that lingered.

“What is that?” something in the air had caught Robert’s attention. It was colorful and somewhat glittery. The beauty of that object was undeniable.

Both the President and Robert squinted their eyes to identify the one and a half feet object that was floating in the air.

“What a beautiful object and a warm welcome!” the fear of potential threat was forgotten for a while. All were engrossed in the beauty of that feather.


Something crashed in the windshield of the SUV driving in front of them. The glass cackled under its weight, leaving the driver unfocused and car, unbalanced. Whatever hit the windshield had to be some kind of soap because the windshield was blurred with its residue.

A loud thud, then a crash!

SUV hit the pillar of the hotel. The limo, which drove behind the SUV, crashed into it. The scenario was fatal.

When the soap smashed the car’s windshield, it gave me the perfect cover to kick break the window in front of me. Entering Martha’s room, I ran upstairs.

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