The Last Kiss

It was a thundering night and the sky rained as if to drown the city and to cease any tomorrow from existing. In such haunting, stormy night she sat beside her window. Alone, playing with the burning wick of a candle she was lost in her thoughts, when a silhouette shadowed her.
“It’s a stormy night and you look so calm. Aren’t you afraid for tomorrow?”, asked the husky, manly voice in a soft tone.

“What good is the arrival of tomorrow if it arrives with your departure?” she exhaled a sigh.

“You can’t be sad about it forever then why not cheer up now itself? You know I’ll write you letters. You’ll always be in my thoughts, in my memories.”

He sat down on a chair beside her and looked at her face. With that positive tone of assurance, no one could have felt the turmoil he was going through. No one could have felt the pain that he felt in his parting from her. He looked at her face, he knew it could be the last time. He was knew as much as she did.

His eyes fed on her slightly lit face. The candle was shining in her eyes. The burning wick danced in them. Ordinary as anyone’s but so kind and sympathetic. Her one gaze at him and he could feel the snug hug around him.

“You are looking at me as if it’s the last time.” the sky thundered and it rained ceaselessly. The wind grew wild and threw opened the window. In a split second the candle blew off and they were left in silence and darkness.

“It’s not the last time. I promise.” said he and leaned forward to kiss her lightly on her soft lips that felt week, moist, and sad.

“I will always see you in my dreams and in my memories of you.”, he told himself quietly while the rain and thunder roared and his last thought died in the roar of the sky and melted in their last kiss.


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