Unwinding Waves of Crimson Mist – Chapter 6

Her eyes couldn’t believe. It was him, Hridhay, standing in front of her. Afraid that someone will see them or the men must be coming for her already, she pulled Hridhay by his shoulder and shut the door quickly.

They were together, in one room, at night. Years had gone by but her feelings hadn’t flinched. In so many days, she had dreamt of no one but him. She had wished for no one but to see him. God knows how much her skin had craved for his body’s warmth.

And today, he was there, standing in front of her, too close that she imagined if she were a moth and he, a burning wick, she would be in ashes. Just moments ago her heart was racing with fear and anxiety, but now she thought of nothing. She was looking at him standing in front of her. His eyes bore into her. He was gazing at her hazy eyes, her wavy hair, then her lips as soft as petals wet in the fresh morning dew. Who could’ve resisted such astounding beauty? And who was he but an ordinary man.

Wrapped in his arms, she felt safe. Their kiss was nothing like she had imagined – but better. It wasn’t a soft touch like she had fancied. He was not gentle. She knew the kiss was certain to leave its marks – and it made her feel belonged. His lips wouldn’t part with hers. His breathe tasted bitter and she knew what made it so – but she couldn’t have cared less.

Her hands caressed his crown and feet searched for his. Savitri couldn’t bear any distance in that moment. She kept pulling him until their bodies were nuzzling. Her eyes were closed but even then her mind had Hridhay pictured. His hands slithered from her waist to her arms. He kept slithering them up and down her arms until it gave him goosebumps. Soon he was untying her hair, letting loose the perfectly made bun. Her hair tangled around his palm and he pulled at them making Savitri groan. Hridhay, she whispered his name. A single word had filled them with longing.

Her chest felt heavy with uncontrolled emotions she had never known existed. It was if her hands moved themselves. One moment she was caressing his hair and the next, she was tugging at his kurta. She didn’t know that even clothes could cause distance between two people. She wanted them gone.

Savitri opened her eyes to look at Hridhay. His face had turned red with passion. She watched his chest rise and fall. She was feeling his heartbeat under her palm when he held her by the hand pulled her in. He dug his face into her neck, breathing the sweet smell of her skin, feeling the warmth of her body against his cheeks. He could’ve kissed her softly or left a peck but this chivalry could never feel enough. Holding her closer to his chest, he kept kissing her. His nails were ardent to leave souvenirs on her back.

Savitri blossomed under Hridhay’s impudent touch. His blood-red eyes and her unhooked blouse made it clear what the night was to bring. She rested her head on his shoulder. Loose hair fell nonchalantly on her face. Smiling under their veil she breathed deeply, “Finally”.


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