Vadon – Saga of Wilderness

A creepy forest with a river flowing in it covered with trees on both sides

Far, far away

Deep in the woods

Filled with thick trees and tall grass

Lived a man named ‘Saga’

Short and stout

Noisy and loud

He lived alone

Screaming at the air, talking to the rain

Saga lived in a cave

Posing to be brave But, afraid of the loneliness How naïve!

Living in the wild

Far away from his tribe

Alone through the woods he steered

Saga was afeard

He missed his wife

His old, happy life

And cursed the dusk

When he lost his way, following the musk

He cursed his daughter, Hilde

Deeming her the reason he was lost in wild ‘Why did you have to be so obstinate?’

‘Spoilt as hell, brat, bloody arrogant”

Mumbling under his breath

He was lost in his wrath

Crossing the same eerie desire trail

With misty fog and traces of hail

“What a horrifying path to take

Death be waiting for all treading this way”

Shivering and afeard

He walked rapidly till that path disappeared

Days passed and nights went by

He lay on the grass

Watching the drifting sky

Change its color from blue to brass

The trees rustled and wind blew

As the storm brewed

Sky thundered, rivers creaked

Saga listened to the forest screak.

“Hellish! I am lost in these labyrinthine woods

With cimmerian paths and Styngian brooks”

He started towards his aphotic cave

“Someone come for me and save!”

The forest grew murkier and dark Deafening sounds of storm, hark!

A whip just cracked

Echoing the sound of a thousand claps.

Saga fastened his pace

In terror and haste

Mud laved his feet

As if mocking Saga’s hysterical retreat.

“Oh! Get out of my way you muck”

As he fell on his face – Shmck!

Thud! flumb! squelch! splosh! deign!

He flushed through the water of rain.

For hours he struggled against the gush

Louder and louder grew brus

With each passing minute, the storm soared

The forest rumbled and sky roared.

Saga brawled and bawled

As if trying to silence the stormy howl.

Alas! all his attempts failed

Unconscious soon, he sailed


Where to? He would never know

For the forest had already beseeched his breath

Saga swam through the wild flow

Into the comfortable arms of Death.

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