50 Fun and Catchy Ideas for Your Next Blog 10 Bonus Ideas At The End

50 Fun and Catchy Ideas for Your Next Blog by Kaaya Faye

’50 Fun and Catchy Ideas for Your Next Blog’ may not give a direct solution, but it will prove to be a thought-provoking brainstorming trick of finally getting the somewhere-buried-idea finally surface. You can jump from topic to another and choose the best for yourself and your audience.

So here goes…



1. Touch – Write a blog on how touch of water and how you can contain it but never control it.

2. Sight – Write about the sight of a smog and how air is invisible until dust mingles with it.

3. Smell – Perfume that makes you nostalgic.

4. Taste – Bitter taste of truth or sweet taste of an affectionate kiss.

5. Hear – Sound of a scream or noisy city/mind



6. Best books to read when ________

7. Most romantic poems to read

8. Modern books you cannot miss reading

9. Funniest books to read in ________

10. Authors who will change your mind with their writings

11. Best relatable quotes

12. Inspirational self-help books

13. Best overnight reads/ books for beginners



14. 101 guide to writing short story

15. Write ups that everyone will love

16. Getting past the perfection pressure

17. Edit like a pro

18. How to express yourself better through poem

19. Guide to choosing the write words

20. Blocking the writer’s block

21. How to be romantic without being cliche

22. How to know your audience

23. How to be more confident about your writings



24. Be financially independent with tips that never fail

25. How to be more positive/forgive yourself/move on

26. Where to find motivation to ____________

27. Best ways to forget without guilt

28. Letting go of when you __________



29. Should you really change your hobby into career and why?

30. How to start your business and market your product/services?

31. FAQs on how to choose a career?

32. Which career will pay highest in 5 years?

33. Countries and their forte – Studying Abroad

34. List of unpopular career options which will pay off



35. Top 10 ways to learn _______

36. Top 50 cities to/that _______

37. Top 34 influential sites/bloggers/authors to follow

38. 3 styles to wear _____

39. 9 colours to coordinate with _____



40. Designer pieces in my wardrobe

41. Summer/winter/autumn/monsoon/weekend wardrobe essentials

42. Choosing best location for a photo-shoot

43. Best weekly magazine/site/bloggers/designers to follow

44. ________ trends

45. Shopping guides/ budget shopping ideas



46. My experience in/with/at__________

47. When I met_______

48. How I ___________

49. My plans

50. My wishlist/to-do list


This is the end of 50 ideas for your next blog. However, there is a bonus list of 10 more ideas below. Grab them!



51. Travelling in a parallel universe to give your story a different ending

52. What happens when you taste flavors when you feel a particular emotion?

53. When Grey and Fear are happy-go-lucky friends and come across the realization of being unwanted by humans because they are perceived as negative.

54. Love story between sky and ocean

55. Beauty of boredom/night/silence

56. Conspiracy of TV, radio, and phones if they were living beings

57. Aliens who want to invade dirt, corruption, hypocrisy, etc. from earth to empower their politics, but people on earth won’t let them for their own good.

58. Interesting paradox

56. A world where there is no time-keeping

60. A world where real life is dramatic and daily serials are logical


What do you think?

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