In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life: It goes on…


When I first opened my eyes
Everything was brighter than I’d known
There was more space, a lot more
Than where I’d come from.

When I first breathed
The air felt fresh.
There were faces that were new
Unseen, from inside her flesh.

When I first opened my mouth
Only to cry and wail.
Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks
As my life was set to sail.

Soon these memories faded away
And gave way to new firsts.
My first grin and laughter
My roaring cries and outbursts.

Love was still new to me
When I first saw a girl.
Hurt, then, easily faded
There was much more to the world.

Days went by
Too quick and unobserved
That I missed to notice
How my vision was blurred.

Blotted by what happened
What was said and heard.
Blinded by my crying and wailing
About everything that hurt.

Memories were only painful
And I refused to see good in me.
My limbs were tired to act
And my brain too numb to think.

I was stuck in the past
The past I couldn’t really recall
Only hurtful chunks and bits of it
That sat on my heart – heavy and tall.

I forgot all the laughter
The memories of tears remained
Life stopped and I ran in circles
Like infinity that has no end.

The ellipsis of my life
Stood still on the third mark.
What should have went on
Was now a full stop.

Because I chose to live in the past
No, not past
Because past was made with highs and lows
Not ditches not quarries
Just simple ups and downs
I chose to forever get stuck in my own childish frowns.

What do you think?

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