From Beginning to End The Journey Called Life

From beginning to end by Kaaya Faye

Once I would smile at the sound of rain

I would feel the sting of pain.

Life embraced me with all its warmth and light,

Stars shone too brightly at night.

Once I would bask under the rising sun

And dream of the deep, blue sea.

I would gaze at the high, clear sky

Imagine it talking to me.

Life was a tale

With cheerful songs and melting hearts.

With dreamy eyes and sleepless nights,

Full of desire, hope, and art.

There was nothing I couldn’t do,

There was nothing I couldn’t get.

I was invincible,

As powerful and calm as death.

I weighed my highs and lows,

Like building blocks and bricks.

To make a little home,

With smiles, tears, cement, and sticks.

My little home grew with me,

So much so that I was, sometimes, lost.

But, relieved, nonetheless

Wherever I went, I knew I was home.

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