Ground - A Note of No-Thanks, poem by Kaaya Faye


1. prohibit or prevent from flying.

They ask me

to “keep my feet on the ground”

Be shy about being appreciated

Lest I’ll be too confident

I’ll be too proud.

So what?

I ask and see their faces

Blinking blankly at me.

What is wrong about liking who I am

And liking it much too well than I should be?

What is it about being intentionally humble

And mild

And sober

And tamed

And easy

And decorous?

What is it about pleasing all

And appeasing all

And being accepted by all

For what I don’t like to be?

What is it with keeping

My emotions in check

My words in check

My tone in check

My opinions in check

When if there is anything I like in check

Is my tartan shirt?

Let my heels be high

And head be in the clouds

Watch my wings span

So I can fly to never touch the ground

(ever again)


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