Hellenistic Greek Art

Hellenistic Greek Art poem by Kaaya Faye

In a mob of expressionless, ghostly faces

Among the old, devout orthodox

Who stood aloof, apathetic, and lifeless

There you were revealing

Every bit of your heart afront the rest.


Not a whit of dishonesty,

Not an iota of pretence

Was visible in simple imperfection of your mien.

Neither in the ugly crooked smile that recited hardship

Nor in your ridiculous acumen.


Inspired by the dull world without

Drunken on the ideas of expressing

And little on the wine from Alsace,

You reflected what stirred within

Like a dirty, pellucid glass.


Your face was painted with despair

Your eyes danced with hope.

Love was still jaunty in your heart.

In a hollow traditional frame

You stood out like Hellenistic Greek Art.


Hellenistic Greek Art is the art of the Hellenistic period generally taken to begin with the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC. During this period sculpture became more naturalistic, and also expressive; there is an interest in depicting extremes of emotion. On top of anatomical realism, the Hellenistic artist seeks to represent the character of his subject, including themes such as suffering, sleep or old age.

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