I Am Nobody and That’s My Freedom

i am nobody and that's my freedom, poem by kaaya faye

I am nobody

And that’s my freedom.

When I sneak out of the house,

When I steal a moment,

To run in the park

To see the person I love;

When I swear in public,

And walk around wearing

A lousy dress with cheap tags,

Unmatched but comfortable crocs

With my hair loose and uncombed

And my hands holding a bucked of ice-cream;

No one cares or even look.

When I kiss a man

And post his pictures.

When I do not attend a party

Or return important calls;

No one gets offended.

I can be who I am,

I can say what I want,

I can wear what feels great,

Because I am a nobody

And that’s my freedom.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

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