I Do Not Want to Fill the Silence Anymore

I do not want to fill silence anymore

When I wake up each morning,
My ears ache for earphones.
My eyes crave the latest posts.
But I am determined.
I do not want to fill the silence
With songs playing on the speakers,
Or a thousand posts on Instagram.

I want to stand on the balcony,
And breathe the fresh air,
Listen to the neighbor’s bike start,
A nearby temple’s bell toll,
The cry of a pet cat two buildings away,
The chirping of the birds,
That sit on the tree outside my balcony.

When the thoughts come pouring into my head,
I do not wish to silence them.
I want to let them flow ceaselessly,
And observe them unbiased.
When the morning comes again,
I do not want to fill the silence,
But embrace it
Without resistance.

Photo by Esther Ann on Unsplash

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