I Love a Woman

Two girls making love to one another

I know a woman

She lives across the street.

She has slender waist and bony hip

Long legs but little feet.

Her lips are soft like cotton

Her skin, docile,

And warm like dried clothes

She has the gentlest smile.

Her curves are the curves of a hurricane

But she moves in waves, like water.

Her voice is the sound of raindrops

Her steps are light as she potters.

Kissing her is like breathing fire,

Her mist as sharp as the sound of a hundred waterfalls

Her moans are like waves in the sea

I drown as my name she calls.

Her eyes are darker than fear,

She is mischievous as a kitten and recusant.

Twisting and curling in my hair,

Her fingers are thin and delicate.

They know me outside, in

They know my intimate flaws,

Stubborn and sweet those fingers,

They still love me everyday then love me more.

I melt like a candle under a blazing wick

She scours it with her tongue.

It dances to jazz music,

The most passionate that is ever sung.

She sways and whirls to the symphonies,

And looks at me

Her eyes full of love.

She knows I know

I understand,

After all, I too am a woman.


  1. What I really like about your poem is the extent of intimacy you’ve portrayed. Such intimate poems are often termed as vulgar. However, in this case, all I could feel is the warmth that intimacy brings along…. Kudos to you for writing such a splendid please….

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