I Was Born When You Kissed Me Thus, 8 Feb 2019 19:37

acrostic poem banner with a couple kissing

It was pouring down heavy on me

When I first found myself walking alone

Along the lane called “Life”

Someone could have mistaken me for a ghost.

Blurred vision and non-existent ideas,

Open-ended roads welcomed me in all directions.

Roads that were pitted and gnarled

Nothing visible, except a few unknown faces.

“Whether to go left or right?”

Heart pounded with every step I took.

Ears echoed with the sound of my heartbeat

Never had I ever felt my palms sweat before!

You were standing on the road to the left

Orange T-shirt shone too brightly to be ignored.

Untied laces but nicely done hair

Kind smile on the face like a warm invitation.

I won’t lie I was smitten

Suddenly the road didn’t scare me at all

Sun was beaming on the left

Everything felt more hopeful with you.

Delighted I started towards you

My feelings made waves like the sea

Excited we found a companion on this empty lane

I was born when you kissed me.

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