It’s You A Poem by Sidhant Saini


I want someone
Who can feel
The depth of my poetic eyes
Without even looking into them.



There are so many words
In my mind
Ready to burst spatter outside.

There is just emptiness.
Not distress, not pain, not quietude
Just emptiness.
Like the sky on a June afternoon.



It’s you!
Isn’t it?
It’s always been you.
When I was on the terrace on a cold night,
When I thought I had no one.
When I couldn’t even love myself,
I knew I loved you.

It’s you!
When I lie down on the roof.
Gazing into the night sky,
Thinking how the midnight is nothing but void
Without its moon and stars.
So is my life without you in it.

It’s you!
Who makes my heart beat faster,
Who makes me a two-year-old kid again,
Yearning for attention.
I wish it’s I for you.
For me,
It’s you
It’s always been you.



Among all the city’s disturbing noise,
Among all the people’s garble,
All I heard was:
Birds chirping in the sky,
Dogs playing in the backyard.
I felt the wind as if it were talking to me.
It made me feel more alive than I ever was.
The birds flying in the golden sky,
Made me feel as if I too were flying.
I saw the moon
Only half awake.
It was reaching out to me.
Nitid stars looked as if jealous of us.
From afar,
I saw a tree without a single leaf.
It made me wonder
How our love is like the tree,
And us like that leaf.
Our love will grow old.
But will never fade.


A Little About Sidhant Saini?

Sid is a 20-year-old with big dreams. Inspired by Atticus, he started composing poems in 2018. He started out by writing short poems, but now his words flow rhythmically into longer ones. He keeps a dream journal and someday wants to become a published poet. 

You can find more of his poems on his Instagram handle viz. @sidhant_saini_007.


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Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash


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