Lay Back and Chill

Lay Back and Chill poem by kaaya faye

In a world

That shouts and screams

Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!

Do not be ashamed

Of giving yourself time

Lay back and chill.


Staying in a family

That expects and dreams

Shelter! Food! Financial muscle!

Take time and start late

Without it feeling like a war crime

Lay back and chill.


Living with a mind

That is a bit too extreme

Tussle! Tussle! Tussle!

Instead of feeling incompetent and lame

Without listening to your mind whine

Lay back and chill.


Don’t struggle and keep still

Imagine waves or freshness of a hill

Sleep or hone a skill

Watch TV or take a walk in daffodils

Do as you will

Lay back and chill.


Cause everything pays off

When you pay your needs attention

And give yourself time,

Let yourself fail.

Allow yourself to start off late

So you could enjoy the journey

And it won’t feel like a struggle

When you will be able to

Smile at things going a bit downhill

Relax, breathe, and chill.

What do you think?

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