Sailing Down the River Mon, 17 Jun 2019 17:05

Sailing Up the River Poem by Kaaya Faye

Life’s like a river
It flows through mountains and woodlots
Quenching droughts and creating wroughts
It’s serene and sacred
It’s raging and wild
Leaving all bemused and beguiled
Life is like a river
That damages more when reigned
Like a broken dam, ruining lives in disdain
Until you reach the grandness of sea

Life’s like a river
That flows through vast and small
Through mounts and woodlots
Through plains and deserts
It carries the weight of all
It encounters
The mud, sand, and gravel
The dead leaves, branches, and bones
Unobstructed it flows
Quiet then ferocious
Life, just like river, is unpredictable.
Manoeuver it and it defends
Control it and it rebels
Like a child, it vents at your chiding
Clashes and gushes, looks frightening
It mingles with the thuds of the sky
Reflects the serenity of trees.
It flows with the calming breeze.

Life’s like a river
And I want to soak all in
To give it back some when it dries
When the only thing blue is my heart
Or the sky.
I wish to fall off it’s brook
And sail high in the tides
Get drowned, get drained through the ride
Feel it’s calmness when it flows
And energy when it collides
(With a taller tide).

Life’s like a river
A maddening adventure,
A reviving retreat
Rolling mile by mile
Until it dissolves in the grandiose of the sea.

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