Love, Sex, and Water Wed, 10 Apr 2019 21:12

Love, Sex and Water poem by Kaaya Faye

Last day when the sun went down
And I was left with just your thoughts
Sailing somewhere inside my mind
Making their way down to the heart
I never was ready for the storm
That they made when they
Slipped down the waist.

Motionless I sat
Grasping each emotion that passed
In every second of every minute
I could hear you breathe near my ear
And the breath, like a snuffed candle’s last smoke
Touched me softly but intensely
And I couldn’t help but let go.

Control was an alien word
And you, even with your absence,
Were everywhere over me.
My skin craved for the traces
Your fingers never made.
My heart pounded
So loud I think I scared my neighbors.

My feet clamped into each other
And my toes rubbed so hard
I was afraid the heat would light up a fire
The warmth, the burning down of the house was okay
But the neighbours would come and disturb
Nothing, absolutely nothing needed to get in the way
Of my body and your thoughts.

My throat was dry
With the heavy breathing
The sweat made my heart felt needy
In that moment
Of half crumbled sheets,
Tightly clenched fists
And me; filled with desire
All that I wanted was
Love, sex, and water.

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