Love That Didn’t Live Forever

Love that didn't live forever by kaaya Faye

Sixteen years and a week ago
We were so in love
Promises were everywhere
Flying kisses and flushed faces
Painted our lives red.

What a time it was!
I often remember those shared glances
Embracing the newly found warmth
That I felt every time you stood too close
Every time your skin brushed against mine.

Subtle smiles and rosy letters
Were the only language we knew
Sixteen years and a week ago
When we were in love
And our love was new.

Memories so old
They reel in discolored frames.
Everytime I remember those days
All I think of is us
Expressing ourselves in thousand lovely ways.

Fifteen years and a month ago
When we were afar
I still thought of you
Of all the things we said
Of all the things we did, together.

Years after years passed,
Fourteen, thirteen, twelve.
Your voice came in blurred
And soon your face was forgotten
Were your eyes black or brown?

When was our first kiss?
Did we meet in a café,
Or was it in school?
Every memory of us left
And love? It left too.

It must have been true,
How else I would have remembered
You for a decade and more?
Your forgotten face and your touch’s trace
Still cross my mind like child’s forgotten lore.

Our love is like a castle,
Filled with memories of bygones.
Like the ruins or rever
That stand still, forgotten as time passes
Love that didn’t live forever.

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