Love Is Here to Stay

Love is here to stay poem by Kaaya Faye

The forest was full

Birds chirped as they

Flew from the ground

Into the never-ending sky.

Nature was full of life,

Of beauty, of joy;

As if it were to say

Love was here to stay.


The moon shone brightest

That night; when I stood

At the terrace and looked

At the sky; with hopes

And a smile; I saw the clouds dance

With their silver shining lines

As if they were to say

Love was here to stay.


The breeze was calming

It blew just enough

To play with my hair

While my mind quietened

It let my heart sing and hum.

In that moment of pure gaiety

My heart knew nothing of dismay

Lover was here to stay.


The tide was low and rested

As if the ocean was asleep.

The shore was silent

Listening to the rustling of the trees.

Which rustled in hushed tones

So as to not disturb birds.

But I heard what’d say

Love was here to stay.


Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

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