Maybe I Am You

Digital art depecting unity in diversity

When you sit down

With a heavy heart,

That remembers nothing

But how you both fell apart,

You find yourself alone,

In a distant corner of your home.

Maybe, after all you are not the only one

To feel alone and feel shunned.

And it’s true

Maybe I am you.

When you sip on your coffee

In a cafe along the street.

And think about your childhood

As you eat.

Your thoughts take you back

In old happy memories and snap!

You are back to bills and bucks

A no one in this ruck,

Sipping on the brew,

Maybe I am you.

When you look for yourself

In every person you meet.

And search for your reflections

Chasing after your own heartbeat.

But, your guards are high

Believing you are too shy

Or too blunt

Either way afraid to confront

With unknown reality as your life goes through

Maybe I am you.

When you finally let it go

Your fears, shyness, insecurities

You let your shine show

When you cross your limits

And your adrenaline hits it

You dance at your own beat, move at your pace

Blazed with self-love, you forget your place

You defy the Gods and don’t play nice

You speak your heart and take sides

And bid to your inferior self, adieu

Maybe I am you.

What do you think?

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