Ode to An Old Friend

Dear, darkness my beloved friend
Now that every happiness has come to end
I welcome you, my old friend.
After all I did,  after all those deeds
That sowed all my sorrows’s seeds
Have ripened to grow the plants of weed.
After all drunken drops of brine
Tired sullen eyes of mine
Are now demanding to touch some wine
Better than to fight is to forget
Better than to succumb in regret
So I moved on to light another cigarette
Dear Darkness my beloved friend
Now that I near my end
I detest you for the life I spent
Trying to cry,  trying to repent
With a broken heart and lost faith
I detest you, my mate
For not being there when I was in love
When I needed you to remind me stuff.
How dare you leave me behind
With light so bright,  I was almost blind.
So happy I was with you around
Now light has broken my heart shattered to ground.
How dare you let me forget what I savoured
That there is no forever
How dare you leave me with Smiles and Laughter
Making me believe in happily ever after .
Leaving me behind only to realise
Love comes with a terrible price.
Don’t dare to leave me behind anymore 
Dear Love, 
Nevermore. Nevermore.


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