Lyssa Goddess of the Underworld

Lyssa - Poem about anger by Kaaya Faye

Amid the frenzy of screams, tears, and angry faces In a room full of high pitches, blames, and rage. I shut my eyes closed, tight to make it all go And there she was – Lyssa. I made her when I was a kid, She loved me and hated everyone […]

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Art of Doing Nothing

Poem about anxiety with a plain picture of a blank sheet

The week is spent in tireless work Mounted piles of projects Stare me in the eye But, nothing scares me more than When, the week ends And, I’m stripped off work, deprived. I sit still in an empty room Filled with noise of TV And children squealing in the street […]

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Sex in Small Spaces

Sex in small spaces by Kaaya Faye

Your thoughts taste like a burning wick That turn my modesty into cinders. I dream of you, bare and shy Your skin, as warm as winter afternoon. Your eyes so casual like a child’s play, I think of you till sleep lulls me into nothing. I imagine you in corner […]

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