Phases Like A Moon

Phases of moon, poem about moon

When you compared me to the Moon
When you said
It shines in my eyes
You were right.
It does.
And why not?
I have phases, just like the Moon.

There are days when I am invisible
I am there, but eclipsed.
Hid behind the clouds of my own thoughts,
Shy and small, I refuse to come out.

There are days,
When I am torn
Between wanting to be alone
And wanting a company.

Then once in a while,
I shine.
Every pore of my body
Every inch of my flesh

I become more than whole,
I become a poem for the night owl,
A fantasy of a dreamer.
I make wolves howl
I make lover’s cry.

And then just like that,
I reduce to a night lamp,
To a firefly,
To a whiff.

You are right,
I am the Moon.

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