Querencia Love Poem


The place where one’s strength is drawn from; where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self. The verb, “queer” means to desire. Querencia is a favorite spot, fondness.


There are gazillion stars in the sky

A moon to desire

Sun to bath in warmth of

But, all I want is you.

7 billion people in this world

And much more gold.

But, all that I dream of

Is you.

The beauty of sunset,

Horizon enliven under the rising sun,

First blossoming flower of spring,

All my eyes crave is the sight of you.

There are all kinds of sorrows.

Worlds meeting, worlds getting apart.

They break my heart

But, nothing burns as bad as being away from you.

Fresh roses or rhinestones,

A hundred homes or Ave Maria

Nothing comforts like your embrace

You are my only querencia.

I was born when you kissed me.

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