A beautiful white flower blooming while the sun sets in the background

Marveling at the sight,
I stood there, by the side
Of the river that
Never stopped to flow.
Its water pristine,
A little sweetness in brine
Shone under the sun
With a nitid glow.
Breeze accompanied its pace,
It gently touched my face
Like a thousand kisses
In a row.
Leaves rustled on the trees,
Flowers nestled the bees
Nature bloomed in colors
And I watched her grow.
Widespread woods unploughed,
Sang various notes aloud
Of chirping birds
With no exception of crow.
Burbling stream and vicinity
Serendipity! Serendipity! Serendipity!
Such enthralling eutony,
Rustle, burble, trickle, soughs.

Tranquilized by the view
Apprehension fell asleep in the arms of Quietude.


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