22/4/19 Rage Against Rape

22/4/19 Poem about Rape by Kaaya Faye

Heels clicking louder than
The *tchk* of your disapproval.
Ambitions rising higher
Than the smoke from a vain man’s vape.
I talk, I walk, I dress
Bolder than the pusillanimity
Hidden behind your threats of rape.

To women who shake their heads
At a girl wearing jeans and a crop top,
To women with showing stomachs
And frowning face,
Your dissent approves of men
Who shamelessly gawk and rape.

To girls who name each other Slut
To girls who casually call other Whore,
Do you know her
Who lives in a dingy house
And Who barters her open vagina
For the fees of her child?

To men who whistle for sex
To men who rape when not given consent
To men who bare a woman’s body with their eyes
To men who slander a woman for their own gain
To men bathed in their own sense of superiority
To men who make every sane mind sick
Suck a dick.

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