Sex in Small Spaces

Sex in small spaces by Kaaya Faye

Your thoughts taste like a burning wick
That turn my modesty into cinders.
I dream of you, bare and shy
Your skin, as warm as winter afternoon.
Your eyes so casual like a child’s play,
I think of you till sleep lulls me into nothing.

I imagine you in corner of a library
Stretching your arms to reach a book.
My arms around your waist
And my breath brushing your neck
We stand still until we forget
Where we are.

There is an alley behind a cafe
I dream of us there
Exchanging words, numbers, and kisses
We melt like ice kept under the sun
Bathing in each other
Till the very last of us is left.

I see us under the staircase
I imagine us in between two walls
Desire like wildfire in a forest
Burns in me
For love in our eyes
For sex in small spaces.

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