Sillage – Perfume of Memories

Sunny afternoons and sweaty palms,
Playing in the rugged grounds with rubble.
Traveling through the city lights
In air-conditioned metros.
Sitting in college cafeteria with friends,
Discussing assignments and assessments.
Staring at the computer screens
With worked up eyes in office.

Reveling at the passing time
And at the speed at which life flows.
Overwhelmed by how far you’ve come,
And the pace of your growth.

You sit in silence
While the city outside is astir.
Quietly observing life in motion
Slowly at first, then faster.

Unbelievable how changed every phase seem to be
Astonished by your life’s journey so far.
Weaving all important memories into a thread
You marvel how’d you reach where you are.

Revering, breathing in the sillage of memories,
You don’t even try to know
Whether the memories you are nostalgic for,
Are from the past, future or is it now.

You understand,
You just are
Those moments just are
Life just is
And all you want to do is, marvel at it
Feel it, savor it – As it is.

What do you think?

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