Karuna Navras Series

Karuna - Navras Series in Blotted Papers by Kaaya Faye

“Teen din hue aaye Durga apni Kaki ke saath na baithi tu.” the old woman was braiding her hair. “ke hua chhori? Kal tak toh chupp na baith sake thi, aaj itni gumsum kaise? Durga smiled and turned to look at her Kaki. Her dewy eyes filled the old woman’s […]

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Haasya Navras Series

Navras Series - Haasya by Kaaya Faye

The first ray of sun touched Durga’s warm skin. Her eyes opened to see Raja sa’s face the first thing in the morning. He was fast asleep. His lips, so passionate just a few hours ago, rested quietly. Durga touched his moustache fondly, curving it upwards on the end. Seeing […]

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Navaras Series, Chapter 1 – Sringar

Navras -I Sringar

It was 6 o’clock in the morning when a servant came knocking at Raja sa’s door. “What is it, Madri?” “A woman has come to see you, sire.”, bowed Madri. Pulling on his choga, Raja sa announced that he was coming, “Ask the woman to wait in the Darbar. I […]

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