The Apocryphal God

The apocryphal god by Kaaya Faye

Like thoughts post mid night

The fables flow

Praising someone, something, or somewhat

Who knows?


Immortal, unseen, and abstract

Like a ghost

Omnipresent, controlling, and uppity

A mad dictator or unruly host.


Untouched, unfelt, unheard

It remains

Pious and saintly

Or pompous and vain?


Fables flow and legends state

Deity, divinity, and lord

Who is to say what it is,

for me, the apocryphal God.


Like Bigfoot, cyclopes, and mermaid

It tread on the face of earth

Now stays in heaven (knows where)

Myth, miracle or mirth?


Neither born nor dead,

It stays, and stays, and stays

Unflinched, unstirred and unaffected

By joy or dismay.


A saint or zombie

Can you tell?

Or locate its realms

Heaven and Hell?


A man, woman, or thin air

What is it you pray?

That which is

But cannot stay.


In its demeanor

It weighs and pries

Full of love and rage

As if you and I.


The Holy Spirit

That you laud

For me

The apocryphal God.

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