The Upbringing

​Taught to be good and nice
To elders not the wise.
Taught to be good and sweet
To all youngsters – kind or mean.

Taught to be pretty and sane
Sensible in a way world approved my brain.
Taught to hold my tongue in silence
“Do not be a rebel promoting violence”.
Taught to be respectful and serene
Against the selfish and the mean.
Taught to be unselfish and giving
To be sympathetic and forgiving.
No matter what it took from me
“Your freedom of opinion means nothing”
Taught to care about what others feel
“See with what you made them deal.”
Taught to compromise and adjust
“The world is cruel and unjust”
Taught to listen quietly what’s said
“It happens, you should just forget.”
What I wasn’t taught to be
Is to be wild and to be free.
Feel the light and my fire
To respect people but after my desire.
Give myself the love I deserve
To not contain my spirits or reserve.
Respect ideas and thoughts before age
Reveal all emotions – disappointment and rage.
To answer questions about my choice
To screw the silence and raise my voice.
Sympathise for the wise and kind
Respect not their age but their mind.
It wasn’t the fault that the world was cruel in its might.
If only we were raised to do the right.
(Justice to ourselves before others)


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