Unapologetically Bold for a Girl

A poem

I don’t know what is it

About breaking the rules

And questing the foundation

Of every conventional notion

That evokes satisfaction

when finally, I rebuke it.


What is it about

Not giving a damn!

To the questioning eyes of old ladies

Or to the contempt of men

When they listen to me talk

All bold and out-spoken.


There is a freedom

That I have craved

That I find

In living as if there was no judge

As if there was no God

As if I am my own maker.


There is freedom

That I find

In loving myself for who I am

Which is nothing like, not even close to

What everyone wants me to be.


This free-spirit in me

This is who I am

Who I want to be

Even when I am drunk

Even when I am laughing too loudly

Even when I am being manly.


What is being manly anyway?

Is it being loud?

Is it being the decision-maker of your life?

Is it being free to be angry?

Is it being bold, candid, and opinionated?


Then I, being a girl, am guilty

of being manly.

I being from the so-called civilized society

That only knows how to be ideally conservative

Am guilty of being untamed.

(And by all means, blatantly so)


And for all woman and girls reading this

There is nothing I preach more

Than refuting notions of our damnable society

Who tends to teach wisdom from deep in a ditch

Than being unapologetically bold and confident about yourself

Against them who try to belittle you for being you.


  1. “Then I, being a girl, am guilty
    of being manly.
    I being from the so-called civilized society”

    These lines beautifully captures the degree of vulnerability a girl suffers when she chooses to go against societal conventions.

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