Using Rain As Muse This Writing Season

A beautiful rain photograph with wet leaves and a girl.
The sound of rain needs no translation!
Zen Proverb
Many poets or potential poets are accused of taking the weather too seriously. We have this tendency of making ourselves a hot cup of coffee and sit with our laptops on or diaries open. To write and compose when the sky is pouring heavy feels oddly satisfying. The rain is our muse. The smell of petrichor brings us back to the now. The sound of sky thundering and raindrops hitting the ground washes away all the stress. This dramatic effect fuels our poetic drive.
Here is one of the many excerpts from my life from when I used the rain to inspire my inner poet.
13th July ’18
New Delhi
It was Friday and I was in office, working.
I have a day job like most of us (and it is no excuse for you to not write). I was busy working when the weather began changing. It went from sunny to cloudy and from cloudy to rainy in about half an hour (which was pretty fast). We decided to let windows open and enjoy the weather while working.
Now before I continue, I am a content writer so my job is to work with people who are avid readers, poets, and authors. There are them who are great storytellers and expressionists. Some are shayars, some are singers, and others are great audiences and reviewers.
We were all psyched with the first heavy rain of monsoon. Orders were placed for jalebi’s and everyone craved for a hot cup of chai. Two of us decided to go downstairs and enjoy little shower in the rain. Twice we went down and came back more drenched than before. Jokes were being cracked about me looking beautiful. Turns out wet hair makes any girl looks hot, not just the Bollywood actresses. (Girls: You might wanna try this out. It works!)
It was such a romantic weather and colleagues were singing old Hindi songs from the 70’s. From Rim Jhim Gire Saavan to Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein, no romantic rain-song was left unsung. You can only imagine how much I missed my special person.
And that is when I wrote the poem raindrops.
There were people talking and working in the office. But, the ambient sound of rain drowned every other noise that surrounded me. All I wanted in that moment was to jot down these feelings and use rain as my muse. To not write felt like I am letting the muse down. It felt as if I am wasting the weather, the perfect setting to compose a poem. By now the weather had begun to settle in and we were all already used to it as if it were raining since a couple of days. It had been an hour. Cool wind blew and the low light added to the mood.
I couldn’t wait to begin composing the poem. But, when I finally opened new Word document, I really didn’t know what to write. There were no words that I thought were good enough. So I started simple with ‘Baarish ki Boonde’ meaning ‘raindrops’. They were everywhere. They were all I saw, heard, and touched in that very moment. I kept thinking about them. I kept dwelling on why do they remind me of lovers, romance, and all good memories yet, leaving me longing. This alliance of serenity and yearning was strange but pleasant, which was weird. And I loved it.
“Jaise chaahat ek nayi” meaning ‘As if falling in love all over again”.
Slowly the words were weaving themselves. Mingling with feelings and playing with my thoughts, they found their way through to the Word document.
So, if you ask me what made me write this poem, I’d say it was the rain. She was my muse.

Here’s my little secret:

Sometimes it happens that I want to write but don’t know about what. There are times when I want to write and I know what to write about but cannot concentrate. On such days, I shoot Spotify, go to my saved playlist of ambient sounds on a rainy day. I listen to the sound of thundering sky, stormy rain, heavy drizzle, and rainy forest. This helps me write and concentrate.
PS: The sound of thunder and storm are 
my personal favorite. 


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