Walking Paradox Wed, 6 Nov 2019 21:01

Walking Paradox - Poem by Kaaya Faye

Yesterday I sat down
With the most complex person
Who stared back at me
Looking hungrily to be understood.
The mirror was tall
So I could see her all
And I saw she was expectant
Wanting to be seen inside out.

Yearning desperately to be known.
She spoke slowly when she spoke:
I embrace my insignificance,
And somehow it makes me feel important.
I accept my flaws,
But it makes me feel impeccable.
I call myself humble,
And then take pride in being so.
I acknowledge my weaknesses,
And believe they’re my strength.
I love myself,
Therefore, I don’t.
I want a lot accomplished,
And then I idle around.
I can’t sing,
But I sing a lot.
I can write,
So I don’t at all.
I find nights beautiful,
But I am afraid of the dark.
Can you tell
If I am a sheep or a fox?
Can you understand me,
A walking paradox!

I looked at her
And didn’t say a word.
Almost as if
She went unheard.
Then I closed my eyes,
And crossed my heart.
I promised to love her,
Through, life, void, and art.


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