Wandering Ideas on Streets

When I was but a kid
Taught about the beauty of life
And privilege of being a human child
I was grateful to nature.

Then I grew up to know more than myself
I grew up to know him and her and them.
I met the society and it’s hem
I was lost in nomenclature.

Now I see dogs astray and cats and mice
I see them playing, content and everything nice.
Hunger, homeless and alone are humans too
But happiness in life’s littleness
We just don’t have it.

We are but made of greed
The foundation of our entire breed.
Necessity or lust
Who knows where one ends
And where begins the other?

A rat race
Cold fire
A desire for gold
Or no desire.

A competitive world
Career and aim
You exist or not
Depends on affirmative fame.

The little house
A family and name
Too little in life
If it lacks acclaim.

The blue sky and white silver lining
The blue and white collar.
The sunset and the sunrise
The green rich dollars.

The dogs in the street play
While I write my little note.
The cats sleep in peace
And I hurry to hit the road.

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