What’s Stopping You?

what's stopping you inspirational poem by kaaya faye

Dream big
Take that one decision
You’ve been fiddling with since years
And live the life you always wanted to.
What’s stopping you?

Send the E-mail you’ve drafted thrice
Reply the text you’ve been staring at
Block the friend who never did you good
Text the person adieu.
What’s stopping you?

Scream at the wall
Until your lungs explode
Send flowers to the girl
You’ve known from school.
What’s stopping you?

Burn those letters
Smash those fears
Tell a louder “No”
Yell, don’t moo.
What’s stopping you?

Get that guitar
And smear that diary
Find your passion
Relax and be you.
What’s stopping you?

Let yourself heal
From pain, unkind words, and silence
Forgive yourself
And forget everyone who left you blue.
What’s stopping you?

Book a cab and take that trip
Leave that job and invest in the gig
Drain the cigarettes and burn the box
Begin anew.
What’s stopping you?

Be vulnerable or be strong
Be emotional or be bold
Be witty or be nerd
But, mostly confident and true
What’s stopping you?

What do you think?

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