Wisdom Gained Over Centuries

The deafening sound of silence
Pierce through the mind and heart
The hollow scream of the void
Tears me apart.
Now one would think
How does Silence sound?
Like the noise of mountains shattering
Only it’s hope that rubbles on ground.
One might even ask
How does it abate?
How would you avert the eyes
That looks not but hate?
The intent and will to keep it mime
And efforts to make the pain felt
It’s the purpose that hurts more
More than the contempt held.
The eyes that do not look
Cannot be averted or fought
The loud silence of hatred
Cannot be battled, does not distraught.
Go by the silence and go by that look
Go by that eyes that deny their gaze.
Go by the lips that speak to you not
Go past the person and go by your days.

What do you think?

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