Finding Inspiration for Your Next Poem – Offline

Finding Inspiration for Poems - Offline

Poets can find their inspiration for poems anywhere. They know how to fetch words from music and rhymes from colours. Poets, by nature are creative and witty. They master the wordplay and mould it into imaginations of the readers and orators. There are several means of fueling the creativity and finding inspiration. Internet floods with it.

But, searching for ‘inspiration for poems’ on Google surfaces blogs that are moreover similar. The same advises about poetry prompts, inspiring books, names of popular poets, popular Instagram and Facebook pages, or certain pro-applications that will cost you to share a single idea. Free applications will prompt you to click on clothing and lifestyle websites. Sites like Pinterest are awesome but, you can very easily lose yourself to endless scrolling and forget all about composing the poem. Tough to fight such distractions!

Looking for inspiration in a virtual world might help but is it going to stay with you forever? Does it really bring you, as a poet, closer to the world you live in? Does it really serve you as a prompting guide when it is simply answering for you without having you engage in the activity? Not much, I guess. Reading Perry Poetry to get ideas for your next poem will only make it a word-shopped (like Photoshop) poem of the original. Ever noticed how all online poems talk about similar stuff? Synonyms after synonyms after synonyms…

Cut the reader’s some slack, give your creativity some natural air, get off that virtual ventilator.

Here are some ways you can find inspiration for poems and inspire your inner poet to write your next masterpiece.

#1. Look around 

Sitting in your office in a bland environment where the last thing you want to do is look at those sulky and bored faces? Do it anyway. Look at the boredom and then feel the disgust you withhold for it. Feel it deeper, let it grow stronger. Now write about it. Write fresh, write raw and chances are all your colleagues will relate. Anyone who does a 9-5 shift will relate to this poem. It is something that is true to you. It is a part of you.

Fantasize how this office could have been better. What the people would be doing in an alternative reality? Write about it. Give the stale atmosphere a fresher perspective.

Sitting at home cradling a crying baby? Just woke up to find your partner fast asleep? Standing in a queue of restaurant? Watching birds fly? Anything and everything can be turned into poem if felt harder. Feel the anger, feel the boredom, let that sorrow settle, let that happiness grow, open your arms, close your eyes, smile, or scream. Now write it down – every one thing about it.

#2. Listen and listen attentively

Not getting any ideas about what to write? Let the world help you. Step out of home – go to the park or take a walk across the street. Listen to what people are saying. Not really the matter but only the words they use. What is the first word you hear? It can be ‘Hi’ or ‘What’. It may be ‘Fuck’ or ‘Dead’. Take these words or phrases as your writing prompts. Don’t like one? You can always move on to the other person – the choices are endless. You can even jot dot the phrases or words you like and make a collage poem. It will be like cutting your favourite parts out of several pictures and then pasting them together. Meaning or no meaning, they are impressive, they become a part of you.

#3. Abstract over distract, always

There are white noises and abstract shapes that we see everyday. The clouds, constellations, TV screen without dish, patterns on the bed-sheet, touch of our own skin, weight of our tongue, coolness when we breathe in, movement of our eyeballs, heaviness in shoulders, and so on. These minutiae skip us often. But, what if we consciously look around for them? We will never run out of fuel for imagination and creative juices.

Dreams can also serve as great inspiration for poetry. Many are vivid dreamers who see superheroes, dragons, and even best of fantasies in sleep. They can use these imaginations in their next piece.

#4. Bask in the sun

Um, what?

You read it right. When nothing feels interesting enough, take a break, let it go and bask in the sun. What a sunny morning! Such a beautiful day! I feel alive.

Feel something inside? Is your inner poet tingling you? Are you feeling ticklish at your fingertips yet? You will, soon. When you relax, the Muse comes to you.

The same applies to,

#5. Take a shower in the rain

Rain is yet another Muse that fills poets with a willingness to write. Bath in it and enjoy every bit of it. Refreshed, your mind will easily fetch a couple of ideas that will be so irresistible, you won’t be able to help but begin composing.

There you have several ways of finding inspiration for poems.

Finding creativity is easier than you believe. It is everywhere, on the internet as well as off it. The bigger the sky, the wider your wings will span. Unleash your creativity and let the whole world conspire to make you the greatest poem. Not just fresh rhymes, but you will find newer and sometimes newfangled perspectives. You will think out of the box and compose what is, in every way, meraki.

What do you think?

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