Smoke and Mirrors

She was looking at him while he was standing on the road with a cigarette between his index finger of his right hand and his thumb. He stood there under pale sunlight, the one which is brightest after heavy rain. The sun shone in his eyes, which were now a darker shade of brown. He inhaled a puff and exhaled with a nod while some boy seemed to be explaining him about some serious stuff.
She was still looking at his cheekbones, his perfectly pink lips not at all darkened under that smoke of tobacco, when he looked back at her. She knew she should have turned her eyes away, but his dark brown eyes were something to keep looking at, keep admiring. He smiled a faint, small smile. A half curve that covers only a part of your half face.
She wondered how would it feel to kiss him right then and there. Will his tongue taste of smoke and ash? Will his breath be warmer than the first time they’d kissed. She remembered how it felt when he so suddenly had grabbed her by her waist, in the middle of a verbally violent fight and kissed her so vigorously that her lower lip had bled. She thought of his hands over her tender breasts and how strongly and passionately he had held them. It pained but she couldn’t have had enough of it.
“Kaaya”, he pulled her out of her reverie. The crooked smile on his face told her that he knew of what she’d been thinking of. He was pacing with the grace of a wolf which made her both nervous and wanting. The closer he came the heavier her breathing felt. He was too close now. His lips too close that she could almost feel them on hers. “You want it again don’t you?”, there was such pride in his voice she couldn’t have accepted that she actually did want it. “Never. I’d never even want you to touch me again.” she said trying make it sound harsh and bitter however failing miserably. “But, you are letting me touch you now. ” she could Now feel what she didn’t recognize earlier. His fingers were lacing her hair softly, so softly that it was a comfort that could easily escape unfelt. So it did. He was closing in when she ducked herself out of his arms “Stay away. That is all I want from you. ” and walked away with steps as quick as possible, leaving him behind with a look that was a mix of amusement and dissapointment.

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  1. Everytime I read your posts, it reminds me how simply one can express their emotions. It wouldn’t be enough to say that I loved it. I had the whole scene playing in my mind. Lovely writing.

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